999.00 899.00 Per Combo

Papaya, Banana, Pomegrante, Chikku,Apple, Grapes green, Musk Melon, Grapes black
Frequent Variant:
Guava OR Orange OR Moosambi OR Water Melon OR Pears OR Pineapple Or Figs

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Eco Combo Rs.899.00

Long Beans/Broad Beans, Carrot, Ladies Finger/Beetroot, Tomato, Onion, Potato, Green Chili, Coriander leaves, Curry leaves, Leafy vegetables, Lemon, Garlic, Ginger

Weekly Variants:

Cucumber OR Radish, Cauliflower OR Cabbage OR Knol Khol, Bitter Guard OR Bottle Guard OR Brinjol


Papaya, Banana, Chikku, Grapes , Guava, Moosambi

Frequent Variant:

Orange OR Moosambi or Watermelon

Total: – 8.0-9.0 kgs in this pack


Long Beans/Broad Beans 500gm
Carrot 500gm
Ladies Finger/Beetroot 500gm
Tomato  1kg
Onion  1kg
Potato  1kg
Green Chilli  100gm
Coriander leaves  100gm
Curry leaves  100gm
Leafy vegetables  200gm
Lemon  3 pcs
Garlic  100gm
Ginger  100gm
Cucumber OR Radish  500gm
Cauliflower OR Cabbage OR Knol Khol  500gm



Papaya 1.5-2kg
Moosambi/Orange 500gm
Banana 500gm
Guava 300g
Grapes 250g


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